Feelings First is a provincial initiative to support children’s Social and Emotional Development in the early years. This initiative includes eLearning resources, toolkits, videos, a website, and a social media campaign developed for parents and caregivers and healthcare and community service providers in British Columbia. Our goal is for Feelings First to be relevant, helpful, and engaging to diverse families. We hope parents and caregivers can see their lived/living experiences reflected in the resources, feel validated and supported by its content and know that they are not alone in their parenting journeys.

Child Health BC is looking for parents and caregivers who would be interested in sharing their experiences of the highs and lows of parenthood and how they support their children with big feelings and difficult situations on video. Telling their stories can help other parents feel inspired to put some of the information and strategies into action. We hope this can be a positive, feel-good and fun experience for them! These videos will eventually be shared on the Feelings First website and used within eLearning resources for parents/caregivers and service providers.

The video-interviews will take place between November 2023 and February 2024, with options for in-person interviews or remotely, online.Parents will receive an honorarium in gratitude for their time.

Interested in this opportunity? Contact Lorna at lorna.simms@phsa.ca to find out more.

Invitation for parents-caregivers – Feelings First November 2023