SEED: Sharing to change Early childhood Experiences by Developing, caring, compassionate leadership in Northern BC.

Who We Are

We are a new and evolving group of enthusiastic, motivated, and innovative health care providers, researchers, policy makers, local government, education and community leaders.

Our Michael Smith Foundation Health Research project aims, through systems and compassionate leadership, to:

• In collaboration identify services, linked to primary care, that our vulnerable early childhood population both need and want;

• Determine short-to-longer term research priorities embedded in community need including approaches such as consultation vs. co-production and;

• Following evaluation, create a sustainable, engaging workspace, and respectful plan of action and dissemination approach.

SEED Summit

Our VIRTUAL summit is happening in February 22nd to 26th 2021!

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The SEED summit is a starting point to gather and begin to understand ways to better support families experiencing vulnerabilities and requiring enhanced services in northern BC.

WHAT: Our summit is the opportunity to come together and learn, showcase our communities and their work in this area – sharing stories and providing research evidence on the impact of enhanced service work or approaches. We want to hear from families, providers and communities about what is happening, what is needed, and how we can work together across the North to support children and families in early childhood.

WHY: This doesn’t just fall on one sector, we need to work together to support children and families and we need to know what others are doing.

HOW: A pivot from in-person workshops to an online platform – the bonus – more people from across the northern communities have the opportunity to participate. Registrants will receive an email each day of the summit with 1-2 short videos, a selection of additional resources for those who want to dive deeper, and an engagement activity to share your thoughts. On the final day of the summit week (February 26th) we will have a live online workshop to consolidate learning and facilitate relationship building with participants and partners across the north. 

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